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شہیدانے یوکون کے نام۔۔۔۔۔محمدعلی ۔وفا शहीदाने युकोन के नाम_मुहम्मदअली’वफा’



شہیدانے یوکون کے نام۔۔۔۔۔محمدعلی ۔وفا 


قربانیاں یہ آپکی ہرگیز نہ ھوگی رائگاں  

ساغر ٹوٹیں  ہیں چند ہزارو میقدہ بن جائیں گے 


ہنستے ہئے راہِ خُدامیں جان دیدی آپنے  

یہ شہادت آپکی منزل کا نشاں بن جائیں گے 


 بُجھ گےء  چند دیے کچھ غریب مکاں کے

ہزاوں گھروں میں ہدایت کے دیےء جل  جائیں گے 


शहीदाने युकोन के नाम_मुहम्मदअलीवफा

कुर्बानियां ये आपकी हरगीज़ न होगी रायगां

सागर तूटे हैं कुछ हजारो मयकदे बन जाउएंगे.


जान देनी आपने राहमें  जान जानां के उपर

ये शहादत आपकी मंझिलका निशां बन जायेगी.


चन्द दिये बूझ गये कुछ गरीब मकान के,

घरमें हजारो हिदायतके दिये जल जायेंगे.


QurbaniyaN ye aapki hargij na hogi raegaN
Saagar tooteiN hai kuchh hajaro mayqade bun jayeNge
Jaan de di aapne rahmeiN jan janaa par
ye shhadat aapki manzeel ka NishaN bun jayenge
Chand diye booz gaye kuchh gareeb MakaN ke
HazaroN gharoNme hidayatke diye jal jayenge  

Five inviters to Allah died in the path of Allah Subhana wa tala on 26th July 2006, on the road accident of Yukon Territory, while returning. Four of them were buried in Pickering cemetery (In one big grave dug for them) after the Janazah Salah in a largest congregation ever in Madinah masjid of Toronto; one of them was buried latter the following day at the same place.

Abstract of Report from local news paper

Wed Jul 26 08:22:46 EST 2006 Four Toronto men die in Yukon crash Jul.26, 2006. 01:58AM TAMARA CHERRY STAFF REPORTER Four Toronto-area men and one Whitehorse man are dead following a single-vehicle accident in Yukon Territory. The accident happened on a lonely stretch of Dempster Highway near the N.W.T.-Yukon border shortly before 8 p.m. local time, RCMP Sgt. Dan Gaudet said from Dawson City, Yukon. They were traveling southbound on the Dempster Highway, (when they) appear to have lost control and went off in a steep embankment off the highway, Gaudet said, adding RCMP is still investigating the cause of the accident. Its a fairly lonely stretch of highway over there. Initial response came from the nearest RCMP detachment in Fort McPherson, about 160 km away, after another driver spotted the accident and called it in, he said. Inuvik RCMP as well as an Inuvik Medivac helicopter and a police plane from Whitehorse also responded. When they arrived at the scene, they determined that there were four individuals (deceased) and two were still alive. One individual was Medivacked to Inuvik, N.W.T., and the other one succumbed to his injuries at the scene and was pronounced dead at the scene, Gaudet said. Its a tragic, tragic incident. The Dempster Highway is no stranger to accidents, Gaudet said. Simply because the highway itself, its got a lot of gravel sections, its very remote, therefore we do get some motor vehicle accidents. Monday nights accident claimed the lives of Naoman Sidat, 56, and Mohammed Saeed, 33, both of Toronto; Mohammed Pathan, 65, of North York; Azmat Sheikh, 38, of Markham; and Khalid Malik of White Horse, whose age is unknown. The lone survivor, seriously injured, but in stable condition, is from North York, Gaudet said. His name has not been released. Where the group of men were traveling is still being investigated, he said. A tourist attraction of itself, the Dempster Highway is Canada’s only all-weather road to the Arctic Circle. It runs north from near Whitehorse in Yukon for about 617 kilometres to Inuvic in the Mackenzie River delta, where it connects with a 194-kilometre winter road to Tuktoyaktuk

(Toronto Local news paper)

Brothers/sisters are requested to recite Surae yasin  posted below or from their memory  for the Isale sawab of Shaheedane Yukon   



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