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Me to We By: Firoz Khan

Me to We
By: Firoz

We are going backward. Do you feel shocked and surprised? Don’t believe this statement? Do you really feel this is rude? Well, then let’s have a look.

Like me there are hundreds and thousands who strongly feel that our forefathers, though not much educated in schools and didn’t have degrees but were really educated and enlightened. They were following their respective religio

ns and religious teachings in true spirit. They followed their own religions and also respected others. Religions were true bonds between them.

Our much regarded and respected educationists like Dr. Radhakrishnan, Maulana Azad, Dr. Zakir Hussain and many more believed firmly that Indians need education. They devoted their whole lives in spreading education. They thought, and rightly thought so, that education will make people understand each other and will foster love and brotherhood.

Yes, education has spread in India. Number of schools, colleges and universities increased like wild fire. We progressed too much in modern technologies and innovations. We made all round progress in almost every sphere. But somewhere in the course we left behind humanity, love and respect for each other and for our core values.

Religions are supposed to play vital role in uniting people, spreading love and caring for each other. In the past Fifty years the number of mosques, mandirs and crosses have sprung up like mushrooms. In India we find mandirs on each and every foot path. New masjids have been constructed and are still being constructed. We built them but forgot the true teachings. Why this happened?. Perhaps, because these places became ‘Income Houses.’ Religion became a big business for some lazy chaps to earn money. The true spirit of religion and religious teaching vanished.

Some mis-guided found every fault with religions. They, not only started disbelieving religion but started working against it. These unbelievers first started calling themselves ‘Athiests’ (Nastiks). From time to time they went on changing their labels. Now they call themselves ‘Humanists’ (Manavtavadis). They are trying hard and fast to take away people from the religions. Their main argument is instead of uniting people the religions have been dividing them. Many wars have been fought in the name of religions. They forget that it is not the religion at the core but the politics. You can’t blame religion for bad deeds of some.

Our ancestors, thousands of years ago, used to live in jungles. They were fighting among themselves. Then they became educated, civilised and cultured. Now, unfortunately we are going backward. The religion and education have lost their true impacts because of commercialisation. Education has made people more self centered (Selfish). We have travelled far away from ‘We’ to Me.’ This has ruined many, many families in the West and now doing the same damage in the East. People in the West are now repenting and want to and trying hard to revert back to ‘We’ (Family system) but unable to find ways.

Everything is not yet lost. Let’s all of us once again work to reverse the course. Let’s all of us work hard for the path of ‘Me to We.’ Let all of us give a chance to hope. Let’s respect each others’ feelings and religions. Keep hawks at bay. I suggest let everyone of us decide that I will not criticise or pass any bad comments on someone’s shelter, clothes, foods, life style and of course religion. It’s hard but not impossible.



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